Survivor Spoiler Departure 4/17: This Money Was Taken by James Kafetsis – Detailed List


James Kafetsis left Survivor after 11 weeks. Get this money, remember the list.

Survivor spoilers depart 4/17: The 15th week held a “bombshell”, oh James Kafetsis He left Saint Dominic.

The George Lyons Information about her His father's great achievementShe decided to quit her survival reality show SKAI To be with his family.

For those who don't know, his father was shipwrecked in the Pacific Ocean and was fighting to stay alive.

This news and its intensity changes everything in his mind James CaffetsiWho wanted to go this whole year.

“Prince” continues to elevate his performance, while he can easily be described as a “soul”. Survivor“, showing his humor at every opportunity.

Obviously family comes before everyone and any amount of money and James knows this very well, because he wants to go back to his family and see his father in person.

From there, calculate the financial data Survivor. His salary is 10,000 euros every week.

He was able to stay for 11 weeks 110,000 Euros The total puts him at the top of the relevant list, and indeed by a wide margin from second place.

Survivor Spoiler Departure 4/17: Financial List

  • James Kafetsis 110,000
  • Maria Antona 45,000
  • 35,000 by Olga Pilyaki
  • Nicos Canos 35,000
  • Ira Antomidite 13,000
  • Ioanna Tzavela 13,000
  • Christy Kataria 12,000
  • Christos Volikakis 12,000
  • Marilina Wacondio 10,000
  • 6,000 by Joe Asoumanaki
  • Rob James 5,000
  • Eugenia Borla 5,000
  • Pavlos Papadopoulos 4,000
  • Nikos Rikounakis 4,000
  • Elena Amanadito 3,000
  • Sothiris Lamai 2,000
  • Andreana Gaya 1,000
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