Piraeus: 43-year-old handcuffed for molesting a minor – his father's date “trap”

He was arrestedIn the framework of Autoforo, 43 years oldAccused sexual assault, Child pornography and attracts children for sexual reasons.

According to the declaration of EL.AS: “In particular, A 43-year-old resident of PatrasUsing a social networking app, he was able to communicate with a minor with the ultimate goal of satisfying his sexual urges.

However, the girl informed her father. Posing as himself, he arranged a meeting with a 43-year-old man at a house in the Piraeus area.He was immobilized by the immediate action police officers who were notified.

He was then taken to the security department of Geratsini – Trapetsonas, where he was arrested with a backpack containing sexual aids – accessories and a data storage device (USB stick) with snapshots, photos and videos of conversations with the minor. Obscene materials were confiscated.

In subsequent searches of the house and his vehicle by police officers of the Sub-Directorate of Security, Patras, digital data storage devices with relevant content were found and seized.

The seized devices were sent to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation for examination, while the arrested person was taken to a competent prosecuting officer, referred to an investigator and remanded in custody.

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