COPENHAGEN: All that remains of the old stock market – a 400-year-old building that turned to ashes yesterday

A fire destroyed half of Copenhagen's old stock exchange building on Tuesday, leaving only the outer walls standing, Danish officials said today.

The fire caused extensive damage to the 17th-century building, with a 54-metre-high stupa collapsing yesterday morning in a scene reminiscent of the 2019 Notre Dame fire.

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Copenhagen: They are trying to ensure the stability of the walls of the old stock market

Yesterday afternoon, the fire department announced that the fire had been brought under control, but sources were still burning in parts of the building that were difficult to access. Besides, there was a lot of damage caused by the water thrown by the firefighters.

“This morning we are continuing efforts to extinguish the fire in the burned part (of the building), where only the outer walls remain,” the emergency service said. “At the same time we are working with the contractors to ensure the stability of the walls,” he added.

At the same time, firemen are checking the non-flammable part of the building.

“We have crews in the area we were able to save from the fire to make sure it doesn't rekindle. We expect firefighting efforts to continue over the next 24 hours,” the agency said.

Video of the devastating fire at the Old Copenhagen Stock Exchange

The same source said that the fire started from an unknown cause under the roof. Police investigators have yet to enter the building.

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Among the landmarks of the Danish capital, the insurmountable Copenhagen Building, the Old Stock Exchange houses some of the greatest works of art, many of which have been moved to a safe location.

The Copenhagen Stock Exchange, built between 1619 and 1640 during the reign of Christian IV, is one of the city's oldest buildings.


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