Rain, hail, lightning and strong winds will come – Marousaki forecast

Open Meteorologist Clearkos Marousakis said that intense weather events are expected in our country on Friday due to the depression coming from Italy.

In his detailed record, the meteorologist says that the bad weather wave will bring occurrences of hail, lightning, tornadoes and gale force winds.

Post by Clearchos Marousakis

A depression will form near the Gulf of Genoa and as it moves eastward it will affect Italy tomorrow Thursday and on Friday it will sweep our country from west to east, causing strong and dangerous weather events locally.

In the graphic that follows, we indicate the trend that this system of low barometric pressures is expected to follow with an orange arrow, which is represented by the letter “X” on our graph.

The time period that we estimate will occupy our country is from midday on Friday to late afternoon on Saturday.

Barometric systems

Dangerous events

The forecast data we have so far suggests high levels of water in the county in the short term, leading to flash flooding events.

At the same time, the instability that accompanies this wave of bad weather is capable of creating extreme weather, such as hail, severe lightning, tornadoes – hydro-vortices, and gale-force winds. .

High risk areas

The regions showing the highest probability of encountering extreme-dangerous weather events, even at the local level, are the western-central-northern geographical divisions and the eastern Aegean islands. Among these categories we have highlighted, we place an even higher risk factor in marine – coastal areas. There we give more weight because our oceans appear warmer than normal during the season, a fact that can provide more energy and heat to a wave of bad weather.

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In the map below, as we have analyzed above, we mark with an orange circle the areas that show the chances of experiencing dangerous weather events – flooding events.

Rainfall map

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