Secrets to Retirement Up to Nine Years Ago

Small age limits of up to 9 years, a large pension with a profit of up to 250 euros per month, hides the insured buying a fictitious insurance period.

Older, pre-1993, insured individuals receive double benefits because they can create more favorable retirement conditions to retire before 67 or 62.

Post-1993 insured young people are helped by the idea to reach age 40, lowering the retirement age from 67 to 62 and receiving a larger pension.

The following are considered imaginary times:

  • Period of military service.
  • Parental leave time for raising children.
  • Subsidy due to illness and up to 300 days, as well as time of subsidy due to regular unemployment of employees and time of payment of subsidy to self-employed persons and up to 300 days.
  • The period of educational leave without pay is up to two years.
  • Study time for a single degree of higher or higher education in the country.
  • After being included for the first time in the insurance of any primary or secondary insurance system or the state, the period of non-assignment of insurance to the primary or secondary insurance systems and the case of an insurance gap between the insurance periods shall not be less than one full calendar month in each.
  • Time off work due to pregnancy and childbirth is covered by EGSSE.
  • Time to strike.
  • Apprenticeship period, as defined by current regulations, is up to two years.
  • A period of temporary detention or imprisonment extended until the entry into force of Law 2510/1997 (A’ 136) for the military offense of disobedience or disobedience to the Military Penal Code, committed by conscripts who refused to perform military service. their religious or ideological beliefs.
  • Engineers and Public Works Contractors Department of Pensions, Special Surcharge and Engineers and Public Works Contractors Subsidiary Insurance Department for Self-Employed Insureds Time Elapsing from Graduation to Practicing License. Finance (ETAA).
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It should be noted that notional periods are used to meet the following retirement criteria:

  • 40 years, anytime, old (up to 1992) and new (from 1/1/1993) insurance on all funds.
  • 35 years in IKA, OAEE, ETAA till 2012.
  • 25 years in the state till 2010.
  • 25 years in the state in 2011 and 2012, as well as 36 or 37 years after 2012.
  • 21 and 23 years in the state for parents of three children in 2011 and 2012.
  • 25th year till 2012 at DEKO or Bank Fund for Mothers.
  • 5,500 days cover till 2012 for mothers with minor child.

Insured persons of IKA and other private sector funds have to claim notional years to increase pension and establish pension entitlement, i.e. complete their missing pension time in order to retire.

In the state, insured persons can only recognize notional time for pension supplement as long as they have established their entitlement with actual pensionable time in their service.

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