Real Madrid – Valencia 96-86: Thrusting Campacho and double Tavares clean up in extra time (vid)

Real Madrid struggled in the match against Valencia, but after a very exciting game decided in overtime, they managed to get another victory, 96-86.

The Real Madrid He welcomed her Valencia Inside 21st match day her Euroleague. After a very exciting game, the visitors put up a real fight and finally the hosts managed to win in extra time. 96-86.

Real Madrid – Valencia: Match

The guests managed to surprise the hosts and in the first 5 minutes of the match they were +4 with a score of 9-5. Valencia continued the same pace and finished the first quarter +8 and 24-16.

The second period unfolded in similar fashion at 4:42 Yule Makes it 27-34 and cuts it to 7 for the home team. The half ended with both teams going to the locker room with the score 40-35 in favor of the visitors.

“The Queen” entered the third quarter with more determination and at 6:24, the Muse Tied at 43-43. The two teams went hand in hand and at the end of the third period the score was 58-55 in favor of Valencia.

In the opening minutes of the fourth quarter, Valencia led with 5:38 left, but clawed back to within 1 point at 65-64. The match continued in the same way Tavares It was 70-70 at 3:22. Jones hit a huge 3-pointer to make it 73-70 Tavares He was once again reduced to within breathing distance of the immediate response.

Jones hit two shots to make it 75-74 with 2:20 left Rodriguez He made it 75-74 (1:52). The July He made a spectacular stop on a Jones pass, then hit a 3-pointer seconds later to make it 77-75 and both teams headed to the bench (1:28).

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The English With great effort he again made it 77-77 and immediately leveled Campacho He replied with three pointers. Real missed an easy basket and Jones hit shots in the final 4.3 seconds. He shot both 80-79 to close out the game one more time.

The home team made the perfect layup and Hessonia made a layup to make it 82-79 (3.1 seconds left) and another timeout to set up the final stretch. The ball went right into Harper's hands, who beat Tavares' defense and the scoreboard's help with a hard-hitting 3-pointer to make it 82-82.


The Yule Started strongly with a well-timed three-pointer with Davies, however, making it immediately clear that Valencia had no intention of letting the game go. After several minutes of stopping to fix a problem with the timer, the rest of the race was hectic.

Going into the last 2 minutes of the match, Real +3 and 1:21 o Muse There was a mistake in his attempt to get laid. He was on target in both 91-86 (1:21). The Tavares It was 94-86 at 0:55 and the game was halted as the players huddled on the benches for a moment.

Valencia were off target and Real were winning shots CampachoWho did this? 96-86A score that ended the match.

Quarters: 16-24, 35-40, 55-58, 82-82, 96-86

Where the match is mentioned: A rebound by Hessonia and a dunk by Tavares in the final 55 seconds made it 94-86.

Best of all: Walter Tavares totaled 18 points while dishing out 19 rebounds and 2 assists in 38:18 minutes on the court.

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They also expected: From Nathan Rouvers who scored 2 points with 1 rebound in 18:17 minutes.

Go… change his performance: Brandon Davis totaled 19 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist in 23:21 minutes.

Winning Contestants: Fakuto Campacho with 19 points, Sergio Yule with 16, Musa with 13 and Hesonia with 10 points.

Match Statistics: 1 block of Valencia instead of 8 blocks of Real Madrid.

Here's what happened in the first round: Real Madrid won 76-73.

Their next duty is: On Sunday (14/1, 13:30), Real Madrid face Murcia, while Valencia host Brogan at 18:00 on the same day.

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