Pope Francis’ Unthinkable Character of Homosexuals in the Church

Many of the reactions were caused by a term Pope Francis allegedly used during a discussion with priests about admissions to priestly schools or non-homosexuals.

Pope Francis took part in a closed-door meeting with bishops in Rome last week and is reported to have said that there is already enough homophobia (his words are froziagine in Italian) within the Church and we don’t need more.

At issue was whether or not to allow homosexuals into priest-forming schools, and while it was important for the Church to open its arms to all, the pontiff said it was possible for a homosexual to lead a double life. In fact, Pope Francis is reported to have said that there are already enough homosexuals in some seminaries, which is considered false in Italian (π@@@@@ς)

La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera write that Pope Francis used the particular word in a humorous mood, but those in the crowd did not hide their surprise. Commenting on the incident, a bishop said the pope was unlikely to know it was a shameful characterization.

As La Repubblica and Corriere point out, last November it was decided that homosexuals could be admitted to priestly schools on the condition that they do not have a sex life, which Pope Francis blocked.

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