The ‘Italian’ list for the coach includes Italiano and Maksari

On the front is the Italian market for the next coach of Panathinaikos, Vincenzo Italiano and Walter Macari have already been tested by the “greens”, reports SPORT24 from Italy. Data with Rudy Garcia and Rafa Benitez.

The recruitment of a new coach is currently the absolute priority for Panathinaikos with the Betsson Greek Cup at the end of the season, and now everything is moving in this direction, the “Greens” management has already started contacts with “candidates”. for several days.

Panathinaikos hopes to have the team’s next coach in place by the first week of June so that planning for next year can be more coordinated.

In “Clover” they have already reached the first floor in 4 events with “first-line” technicians and coaches tested especially in championship conditions. His information Sports 24 They report that there is an “Italian” list on the front, which includes the names of Fiorentina’s current coach Vincenzo Italiano and Walter Massari, Napoli’s technician until a few months ago.

The 47-year-old Italian faces Olympiakos in the grand final of the Conference League on Wednesday night (29/5, 22:00), although he will deliver the “Violas” in a second consecutive European final. He will not continue on the Fiorentina bench for several weeks.

Although he was initially in the list of Napoli candidates, “Partenopei” shows that they are now considering Antonio Conte and Italiano available in the market and all proposals at his disposal. This is not an easy case, because it concerns other groups, but it has a profile close to the “greens” interest.

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From there, the 62-year-old Macari left Napoli on February 19 and is one of the names being considered as he has a long career behind him in Serie A (again Napoli, Sampdoria, Inter Milan, Torino, Cagliari). England as manager of Watford.

Information from Italian journalists suggests that the two have already been contacted and that they are under “playing” names.

Garcia and Rafa

Panathinaikos’ roster also includes 60-year-old Frenchman Rudy Garcia, who has a “heavy” application behind him in the Championship, but appears to be prioritizing his chance to work at this stage. A team from Europe’s top 5 championships.

There are also apparently links to 63-year-old Rafa Benitez, who until a few weeks ago ended his collaboration with Delta, via Liverpool (with the Champions League) and a correspondingly “full” and “heavy” CV. Highlight of 2005), Inter and Real Madrid.

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