Nationwide strike tomorrow Tuesday – who’s taking part?

Nationwide strike movements, Because A 24-hour nationwide strike has been announced by ADEDY “By the policy of the Government, against the precise and economic impoverishment of the workers”.

In its call, ADEDY called All government employees should participate in this. A meeting is expected outside the Finance Ministry at 11 am.

Therefore, the workers of mass transport unions did not participate in the said strike Media moves normally.


“Colleagues, colleagues,

The government of the New Democracy, when the precision is overwhelming, fools by increasing the employees in the public sector – a travesty that has given from 1-1-24, that is, 38-42 euros per month. Finance Minister Mr. Hadzidakis declares so boldly that all the public sector workers received their pay slips and saw the mockery with their own eyes.

Fourteen years later, our salaries have been cut by 40%, gifts have been abolished, a 2% solidarity tax has been imposed, a two-year 16-17 freeze has been imposed, tax exemptions have been reduced, the government is fueling with crumbs its incomes policy and leading public sector workers into poverty and destitution.

A newly appointed teacher is asked to live in the islands with a rent of 350-500 euros per month and is paid 734 euros net per month. A nurse with 680 euro net. The same applies to other categories of government employees. The government does not have money for government employees, but it does for private citizens. Governors of public organizations and organizations – for his own children – he raised 76% per month !!!

There is money. They are simply shared on a daily basis.

Colleagues, Colleagues,

Against this environment, we must all unite, unite and act strong! We went on strike on February 28 and shouted ‘enough is enough’. We can’t stand it anymore!

On May 21, we continue the struggle with a new strike, demanding a life with rights, working with a real increase, not an increase – the ridiculous 1.5 euros a day, essential measures to deal with lack of time.

We demand:

10% horizontal increase in salaries of employees in the state to meet inflation and accuracy.
Again the gifts here and now
Collective agreements for our wages
Wage freeze 2016-17 cancelled
Abolition of 2% unemployment tax
The tax-free amount increases to €12,000
Unhealthy work allowance increase
All critical public institutions (health, education, social services, insurance, etc.) should immediately hire permanent staff and all necessary infrastructure should be upgraded.

Everyone is on strike

Meeting: Athens, 11:00 am, Ministry of Finance (Nikis 5)”

POE participates in OTA strike

The POE OTA announced its participation in the strike, calling on workers in local government administration to rally against lack of time and economic impoverishment of workers.

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In its announcement, POE OTA said, “For fourteen years, since the beginning of the memorandums, wages have been cut by 40%, the 13th and 14th salaries have been canceled, a 2% solidarity tax has been imposed, and wages have been frozen for both. In 2016-2017, tax-free will be cut and Greek society will be systematically destroyed.” Pursuing the policy”.

The WTO OTA states:

10% horizontal increase in the salary of employees in the state, in order to cope with the tide of accuracy and profit.
• Restoration of 13th and 14th pay.
• Collective labor agreements
• Salary approval for biennium 2016-2017.
• Abolition of 2% unemployment tax.
• Raising the tax-free amount to 12,000 euros.
• Recruit permanent staff to stop the disbandment and waste of local government services.
• Permanentization of employees working in local government bodies with continuous contracts for several years.
• Abolition of anti-labor “Voritis provision” only for compulsory appeals related to labor claims.
• Increasing allowance for hazardous and unhealthy work and adding new categories.
• All critical public institutions (health, education, social services, insurance, etc.) should immediately recruit permanent staff and all necessary infrastructure should be improved.
• Abolition of “development systems” such as exchange, public money and “vehicles” of corruption.
Local government workers will participate in rallies across Greece and a central strike meeting scheduled for 11:00 am outside the Ministry of Finance (Nikis 5-7-Athens).

Health workers are also participating in this protest

Health workers will also participate in the May 21 strike.

According to her statement Panhellenic Federation of Employees in Public Hospitals (POEDIN)Health workers participate in strike and rally at Finance Ministry at 11.00 am.

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Health workers say “no” to NHS privatisation and dignity and safety of workers, pay increases, rewards, recruitment of heavy and unhealthy, permanent contract workers, expulsion of contractors from hospitals, recruitment of permanent staff, adequate funding of the NHS, provision of allowances for the dangerous and unhealthy to prevent the mass exodus of health workers from the NHS, exclusion and Work without segregation and incentives.

Teachers are on strike

From Tuesday, the new strike – which departs from the individual assessment announced by the OLME, will come into force after a new legal action by the Ministry of Home Affairs against ADEDY.

Last Friday, OLME filed a new strike boycott court from the personal assessment of the teachers and they announced their participation in the strike boycott.

Also, all municipal employees are participating in a 24-hour strike. In its announcement, the POE-OTA calls upon municipal employees to participate in the strike en masse.

Public transport workers have yet to announce whether they will participate in the strike.


The call to participate in the May 21 strike announced by ADEDY was addressed by the Labor Policy Department of the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance.

As noted in a related statement from SYRIZA – PS, “We demand an end to government policies that lead the world of work and the vast majority of society to poverty. We demand collective bargaining agreements, work with rights, real wage increases and meaningful measures to deal with the times.”

“We are participating in the strike announced by ADEDY on Tuesday, May 21. Workers, unemployed, pensioners, youth and women, we join our voices with workers in the state and give massive presence to the mobilizations to call for an end to government policies that lead the working world and the vast majority of society to poverty. We demand collective bargaining agreements, working with rights, real wage increases and meaningful measures to cope with time.

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We are all fighting together to put an end to this.

In undermining labor rights, curtailing collective agreements, and criminalizing union activity

Health and safety at work in the obsolescence and deterioration of control mechanisms.

A working world of fixed income and unrestrained precision and the poverty of the great social majority.

In Privatization of Health, Education and Social Security.

Profiting from government tolerance and enriching a few at the expense of society.

We raise our voices and demand:

Collective bargaining agreements everywhere with 10% raises and substantial wage increases.

Overcoming poverty and profit and measures to support society against poverty. Support for unemployed and vulnerable social groups.

Strong control mechanisms and regular audits to protect labor rights and fight against profiteering.

Development of all necessary infrastructures especially critical public systems (health, education, social security) with immediate staff along with permanent staff.

13th and 14th salary should be reinstated to government employees

On Tuesday, May 21, at 11.00 a.m. at the Ministry of Finance, Niki 5, in Syntagma, Athens, we are all fighting for a dignified life and work, together with strike meetings across Greece. For democracy and justice. Finally put an end to the most extreme anti-social and anti-worker policy the country has known since the post-colonial era”.

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