More than 180,000 working pensioners

More than 180,000 working pensioners, according to the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Security, Panos TsakloglouIn an interview on a program on a channel.

Mr. Tsakloglou mentioned the move to enable those pensioners who want to work withholding a resource, An amount of 10% of salary for EFKA, in the past, was exempted in line with 30% of pension., stressing that the success of this particular move has exceeded the Labor Ministry’s initial estimates. “According to our estimation, we may have almost 100,000 retirees working in two years. Already, in the first months of the current year, more than 180,000 pensioners have declared that they are working,” the deputy minister underlined.

Regarding the emergency shift, Mr. Tsakloglo clarified that the measure applies only to businesses in continuous operation, excluding catering and tourism, and in no case should it be used on a permanent basis, exclusively to cover emergency needs. He noted that during an extraordinary shift, an employee is given a 40% increase in daily wages, and if the shift coincides with a Sunday or holiday, the increase reaches 115%.

Regarding the evolution of wages in our country, the Deputy Minister of Labor talked about the increase in the minimum wage, where the overall percentage increase from 2019 to date is significantly higher than the increase in the Consumer Price Index. He said, “At this stage, we are in the process of creating a credible wage index. However, from all the relevant indicators we have, it seems that their increase is not more than the minimum wage, but they also register a significant increase over the relevant period.

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In countries with high unemployment, Mr. Tsakloglo commented. “That is, employers can find more workers in the labor market at prevailing wages. In the second stage, when labor market disturbances appear, wages also begin to rise. This is what we are seeing in our country today. We are seeing wage increases in many sectors to attract workers from other sectors of economic activity.” Deputy Minister of Labor explained.

As for inflation, Mr. Tsakloglo acknowledged that this was a significant problem, but he said that the government had taken several measures that, according to recent statistics, had begun to significantly reduce the rate of inflation.

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