PASOK: Inflation of Appointments Favors Whom?

As of now, no one knows where the nomination ball will sit. So far 7 administrators have fallen in battle. N. Androulakis, C. Doukas, P. Geroulanos, Milena Apostolaki and Mich. Katrinis, Nadia Gianakopoulou, and Yiannis Kanellakis. By the time the process is over, we will definitely see others…

Candidates’ staffs are also active in strategy considering the first strategy, but mainly in finalizing the coalition in view of the second round of internal party elections for the leadership of PASOK.

Who does multiple referrals help? The answer is not easy.

Many believe that high numbers and fragmentation will turn the process into a gateway to turn off voters. Others argue the opposite, which will draw people to the polls.

Many nominations lead to not achieving “confidence” and lead to a second round, where the ballot box is empty again and the percentages of the first contest are sure not to be decisive.

At Haris Doukas’ headquarters, they are optimistic and believe that the inflation of appointments is helping to create an environment of rebirth.

In Andrologis’s camp, they are very wary of polydissension. In fact, they believe that “inflation” is a plan to weaken it, although there is no basis for such a thing, since in all intra-party electoral processes there are always multiple candidates.

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