Copa America, Uruguay – Colombia: Wood and punches between Celeste players and “Cafeteros” fans (Vids)

Unbelievable pictures emerged after the end of the Uruguay – Colombia match, Wood played with “Cafeteros” fans with Celeste’s footballers!

Images from other eras following the final whistle of the Copa America second semi-final between Uruguay and Colombia. Shortly after the match, Colombia fans threw bottles at the Celeste players as they left the pitch.

Two Uruguayan footballers, Nunes and Araujo, lost control and seconds later they “doo” towards the stand where the bottles came from! From there it was chaos… Uruguayan footballers clashed with Colombian fans, both sides punched and kicked, creating incredible footage.

The Liverpool forward provided the most wood of all, and his team-mates followed suit. Security intervened – albeit late – and the Celeste footballers finally made it to the dressing room.

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