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Babis was in Messonghi for the Christmas holidays after working for a photovoltaic company in Italy.. That night he had a date to go hunting with his butcher friend, as he said, reported by MEGA.

That night begins the chronicle of a thriller that shocked public opinion

He said that the butcher took him to a stage and left him. He said he returned to Mesolonghi, but security cameras denied him.

Bobby's body was found in a swamp on Monday, January 22, after a search by a volunteer group called Annubis, which has a specially trained dog.

Crime on the “Golden River”.

The investigation carried out by the program “Tunel” to find answers found the father, mother, brother, nephew of Vasilis Dimaras in Mesolonghi and witnesses who pointed to the hunt for the lost treasure.

“He built a machine, which Vasilis didn't know, he saw it somewhere, looking for money. He was an inquisitive child, digging, hashes, told me different things about what he saw,” said his father.

The villagers talked about what was happening in the area.

“Do you know how many secrets are inside this mountain Varasova? How many churches do you know? What's in it? There are secret passages, secret gates, how many churches, who knows? During those years, they did not go to banks or stock markets. They gathered what they had and buried him. They went with symbols known only to themselves.”

The unfortunate farmer's clothes were found in the river some distance from him. Rescuers also found a shoe.

Construction workers working near where he was found dead saw Vasilis on a motorcycle with a second man.

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“About three weeks before the incident here, he asked me to find him a gold processing machine. He told me he had a friend who was prospecting for gold. I told him then, this is illegal, he is being prosecuted under the law, don't go with him, someone does such things. If found searching, leave the area.

The woman the butcher texted has been found

The butcher had texted a woman the day Bobby Koutsikos was killed.

She said that she had a regular friendship with the accused and that he had sent her a message that morning and nothing else as they claimed.

“Sent Thursday morning, 10:30….11? Somewhere…I can't remember exactly. He knew I was having problems with my health and he texted me saying 'my love what are you doing? how are you One such thing…a simple message. I didn't answer him anything…”

As he says in the subway, they don't have that close of a friendship.

“We spoke once a year and we didn't meet because I was living somewhere else. He told me that his work had gone down and he was having problems,” she says.

“I don't know Bobby,” he concludes.

Bobby's gun is missing…

The broadcast was seen at the home of the missing man's parents and in his room. His sister Cristina showed the reporter her personal belongings he had left behind.

“Here are his hunting clothes and bullets. My mother says some nines are missing. He left his wallet with his ID and cards, the only hunting boots he had on. All he took was his gun. Just in case he was going to get his money back, just for protection. “He took the gun…”, said “Tunnel” sadly.

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What the unfortunate young man's mother told “The Tunnel” proved crucial. He talked about the notebook and the notes he kept about the loans he had taken.

What he said proved prophetic: “I'm going to the fields and I think I'll see my child say I'm here.”


The mother of the young man killed in the river showed Angeliki Nikololis the notes she had found. Reading “crime-evinos” raises questions about what Vasilis might have seen in the river. The other mentioned the name of a police officer and some money.

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