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Today, Monday, May 13, Accordingly Calendar His memory was honored in 2024 St. Glyceria Martyr And his Saint Sergius the Confessor

TodayAccordingly CalendarThey have feast The:

  • Candy
  • Sergius, Sergia, Sergiani, Sergiula *

* This name has other dates as holidays.

Agia Glyceria

According to the Synaxarist, Saint Glyceria was born in Trianopolis in 2 AD. century, when Antoninus the Pius (138 – 161 AD) was emperor. Her father’s name was Makarios and he was a nobleman. At an early age, he converted to Christianity and developed a radical Christian and secular activism.

When the ruler informed Savvinos of the truth, he summoned her to appear before him. With great desire, the saint appeared to her, marked the holy cross on her forehead, and did not hesitate to confess her faith in the Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, with courage and strength. Enraged, he forcibly took her to a pagan temple to pray and sacrifice to an idol. There Glyceria, after praying fervently, broke the statue of Zeus. The enraged pagans dragged her out and furiously stoned her. But not a single stone touched the saint, and as a result many believed in Christ. Then, after various tortures, he was thrown into prison, where he brought the jailer of Laodice to the Christian faith, who then boldly confessed his faith and sacrificed himself for Christ. In disbelief, the tyrant orders Glyceria to be tortured again and then thrown to the wild beasts. But they also respected her, even though one of them bit her, and as a result the monk gave up her spirit to the Almighty in a few days.

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His holy relic was received by Domitius, bishop of Heraclea, and placed in a dignified place near the city. Many miracles, healings and healings of demon-possessed people are observed, which the saint performed on those who sought refuge with faith in veneration of his holy relic.


Apolytikion á¼®chos c’. beauty

Let us praise the beauty of Christ, she was perfected by the pains of the game and the disease of the flesh, because the poison was borne by the desire of the Creator, sufferings, ephodon, which no one has heard of. Glory to God, we all return, thanks to Theophran Glyceria.

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