“Greece-Albania relations at worst in 25 years”

His existence Eddie Rama In Athens and especially around the event, thousands were excited Albanians Living in Greece and leading to even more (at least 6,000) on Sunday’s Klisto Do Galatsi, a gathering that was more cultural than political in nature.

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After all, a few don’t They don’t seem convinced by the arrival and news of the Albanian Prime MinisterIn an effort to encourage them to return home.

Many of the older ones were “taken up” by him and through him. News 24/7, Blocks his vision of repatriating migrants. “Here’s to our children, grandchildren, and how we’ll all go back together.” This is a phrase heard by many participants.

As for the younger ones? They seemed more excited about the last musicians to take the stage before Raman’s speech than about the “main course” of the event.

A very popular look for many of the hundreds of children who attended Christmas theater Albanian rapper – with the nickname Noisey – It was the highlight and highlight of the day. Indeed, at the end of it, dozens of young people ran in the opposite direction to take photos with their musical instruments as the Albanian Prime Minister’s security escorted him out.

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It was also in the work of 150 people who accompanied the Albanian Prime Minister in Athens Blendi Fevziu. He is the most famous journalist in Albania, thanks to his writing, but also thanks to the TV program “Opinion”, which he has been presenting since 1997.

He has done several interviews with Eddie Rama in the past and a week ago, in a role reversal, he became a guest on his podcast “FLASIM”.

“He wants to bring them back to Albania because the country is facing a serious problem with the immigration of many people leaving the country for Germany and other European countries.” He tells us shortly after the event, between shaking hands and taking selfies with passers-by.

“It is his duty to bring them back to Albania, especially at a time when the country’s economy is growing and more people are needed. Albanians from Greece, Italy, Germany have professional expertise, especially what to do in providing services. Albania has tourism at the heart of its economy, so it needs people to work.” Adds an experienced journalist at NEWS 24/7.

Albanian journalist Plenty Fevciu

But how feasible is Eddie Raman’s plan? “That will be very difficult to achieve. People who live in Greece are now part of this country, they have been here for decades, not just a few years. They have families, relationships, school-going children, so it will be very difficult to bring them back. Blendi appreciates Fevziu.

“Relations between the two countries are at worst in 25 years”

Of course, the Greek government was even less enthusiastic – even from Noyzi’s groups – that Edi Rama’s visit to Athens came a year after his imprisonment. Freddie Bellaris And perhaps at the most inopportune moment.

“In my opinion, there is no doubt that this is a normal visit. He has the right to meet Greek Albanians as well as Albanians in other parts of the world. So he has a tour ahead of him”. However, the Albanian journalist argues without particular emphasis on the visit in question and the effects it may have on the already tense relations between the two countries.

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In simple words, Plenty Fevciu, who assessed the Albanian Prime Minister’s speech and presence in Athens, told us that things could not get worse. At least not since “happening” on Sunday.

I don’t think Edi Rama’s speech in Athens could affect the situation in any way. I think this case is more than a speech or a meeting or a series of meetings. I think it’s something very profound. Both the countries should mend their relations and return to the balance of previous years. That is what is being asked at a given moment. Notes and Acknowledgments:

“At this point I think, Relations between Greece and Albania are at their worst in 25 years, because of the Beleris case. I don’t know if I can say more about it, but certainly right now both countries are going through very bad times.

What about the “light” at the end of the tunnel?

“As always happens in relations between Greece and Albania after a tense period, I think the situation will now stabilize.”

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