Mantra: Christos Gialias lived in a mansion-castle and was hanged with more than 20 bullets.

A professionally arranged death contract Hanged by assassins of the businessman Christo Gialia, They “gassed” him with at least 20 bullets and then set him on fire in his car with a Kalashnikov to cover their tracks.

A murder has taken place a short distance away 250 meters From the victim's home and according to police officials, the criminals recorded the hours he traveled to and from his luxurious villa and the route he followed.

A few meters away from Agia Ekaterini, he was found burnt 59 years old The businessman's house is located.

Entrance to the mansion of Christos Gialia

It is a luxurious villa and mansion with acres of gardens and grounds. Beyond the high stone fence, the house resembles a “castle” as there are security cameras at every corner of the plot, recording every movement in and around the estate.

One of the 8 security cameras in Christos Gialia's mansion

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