Lamia – PAOK 1-1: “Suicide” and clipped wings for the title

PAOK were poor in the first half and in the second half they managed to draw level with Schwab at 100' after they missed four great chances with valuable ground in the battle for the title.

Fifteen games “inside out” Oh PAOK Only wins against count Ghost. However, everything has an end, as his team puts it Leonida Vokolo He came very close to victory, playing with spirit against inferior opposition. It looks like a loss for “Two-Head” in the most important turning point of a title fight.

PAOK started with seven changes

PAOK made seven changes to its starting line-up as Razvan Lucescu had to manage the fatigue of some key players (Baba, Koulierakis, Maid, Tyson) with the derby with AEK on the table next Sunday (28/4). At Toomba Stadium.

Marcos Antonio returns to the line-up, as does Rafa Soares, after four games, and the same goes for Giannis Michaelidis at the left end of defence, while his namesake, Giannis Constantelias, returns to the line-up after overcoming a problem with a virus. It affected him earlier.

Kotarski was down the posts with four men in defense of Sastre, Kenciora, Michelidis and Rafa Soares. Schwab-Ostov started in midfield, with Marcos Antonio in front of them and Constantelia-Despodov at the ends of the attacking triad. Ali returned to Samada Uchi.

With four changes in the match against Panathinaikos, one of them announced in the original formation of Tsilolis, tried before the cross and finally stayed on the bench, Lamia started the match, Leonidas Vokolos handed the first shirt. The time of the young Kantonikos.
The suspended Adam Tsanetopoulos rounds out the cards.

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Good PAOK continued… Ignored

With 15/15 wins against Lamia, the “two-head” “Aath” took the field. After two defeats by Club Brugge in the quarter-finals of the Europa Conference League and Olympiakos' defeat at Georgios Karaiskakis last Sunday (21/4), Diegos will be aiming to extend his impressive streak, but win. “.

However, the first 45 minutes (un)showed that PAOK were in poor condition. Not only was the goal from “Black and White” Slivka in the fourth minute of stoppage time, but their overall image was poor.

In the grass called “Aath”. “Diagos” looked like an unnerved team in their game, a team that hoped to get three points by wearing the shirt. The first twenty minutes passed with a suspicious phase for the visitors, Despontov's shot went against the bodies of the defenders, and a second later won the second ball, which is always Giving something more from Sastre and the Spanish full-backs, Ostov brought a threatening chance with a header, as did Kenciora from a set-piece in the first minute of stoppage time.

Backs against the wall and… soldiers down on the grass

Slivka's goal, a close-range shot and Maltsi's excellent take-off put the visitors with their backs against the wall after the PAOK defenders were stymied.

The question is whether there are reactive reserves in the “black and white” reservoir. Not only was the stock lacking, but the entire second half of “Two-Headed” remained problematic, despite Lucescu's collected changes.

Not mentally prepared to handle the superior defensive presence of the “Black and White” Lamia players, they started falling one after the other on the grass from midway through the second half.

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Katsikogiannis duly marked ten minutes of stoppage time and Swapp's header found PAOK level in the 99th minute, but even that was not enough to bring about the turnaround they were desperately and mischievously seeking.

MVP: Apart from the target, Slivka “is” everywhere until he is betrayed by the powers that be.

At his height: Great performances from Lamia's defenders Gianucci, Sidgley, but also Zandaris.

Weak link: The whole of PAOK was… the weak link. Ostov, who had been roaming the pitch throughout the match, crossed the line.

Error: The childish reaction of the “black and white” defense in the 1-0 stage of Slivkas.

The Struggle: Alexandros Katsikogiannis (EPS Epirus) rightly rejected Amaral because the Lamia footballer abused him (which was clearly seen on camera). Second yellow for Slivkas on the bench.

Gazeta Fund: Olympiacos, AEK and Panathinaikos marched away from Lamia, but not the troubled, poor, unprepared and unnerved PAOK, which, as a feat, left “Ath” with two valuable points. Diegos” he did not drop points until today against an indifferent side.

Lamia (Leonidas Vokolos): Kozelev, Simon, Kornesos (46' Stanko), Giannoutsos, Sitkle (76' Amaral), Nunes, Jantaris, Martinez (75' Lake), Slivka (86' Terizio), Kantonikos (69' Dosic), Malci.

PAOK (Razwan Lucescu): Godarski, Sastre (69' Otto), Michaelidis, Kenciora, Rafa Soares (56' Bamba), Schwab, Ostov (75' Murk), Marcos Antoniou, Constantelias (56' Dyson), Despotov, Samata (56' Thomas).

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