Kraunakis for Dallara: “There is a problem in Parapanicia

The Stamatis kraunakis He made the comments through his Facebook profile George Dalarus For journalists who were waiting for reports outside of RealFM.

After George Dalarus' interview with Nikos Bogiopoulos, Stamatis Kraunakis published a sharp post.

See the speech by Stamatis Kraunakis:

“You leave Nikos Bogiopoulos #realfm at half past nine in the evening. On a cold night. You've talked about colleagues who advertise yours and mine and banks in advance. You've talked about Tsitsanis!

They are holed up in Cameroon and the child laborers are the best at €200 a month. At least you made sure to wear a maxi trench coat with a red lining! You went straight to your car and smiled your wonderful smile, “Good evening, guys. I understand you, but I can't do anything for you. I kiss you a lot.” Seers have a theme. My opinion”.

Check out the post:


Leaving the premises of RealFM, Giorgos Dalaras told the waiting journalists, when he was asked about his latest statements, “People who react to me are fine, I am fine with expressing my own opinions. Let me ask one thing: doesn't what you're doing right now sound ridiculous? To each of you personally, but to the channels you represent?'

In an episode of ANT1's “I Love Sou Kou”, Giorgos Dalaras says: “This is not journalism, my boy. It's not good for you! Hurry up, you'll be ashamed if you see these things. We don't do that. Iron doesn't stick when it boils.

And you, being beautiful, your father or your uncle will say that what you are doing is shameful. Don't do it! You think you're doing your job. Work is not doing anything you think.

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Work means doing something consistently with ethics and principles. What you are doing is unprincipled. I'm not offending anyone, just stating my opinion. If you are offended by my comments, look away. I am, from 1969 to this day, and will always say so.

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