Khasi gunman's brother in police custody

In the hands of EL.AS. Gioni Idrisi, the gunman's brother in Ghazi, was wanted on an international Interpol arrest warrant. Gioni Indritzi was arrested on Saturday (3/2) at 300 Liosion Street, after a coordinated operation by prosecutors, near a car dealership and while he was drinking coffee.

Based on her arrest, the order was issued by Albania because the accused violated the conditions of her release and was obliged to appear at an Albanian police station, where she beat her and remained in Greece. .

In fact, reports say that he was “living his life” and was walking around all this time without any precautions.

Gionee Indrizzi

Albanians were accused of armed robbery.

His brother Bardi Idriji is still wanted by the police for shooting three Cretans in Gazi.

Who is the wanted gunman?

The 35-37-year-old gunman has reportedly been deported from Greece twice in the past. In 2012, he was the prime suspect in an armed robbery in Avlonas. Albanian media talk about a ruthless thug.


The Chronicles

At around 7am on Saturday 16th December, a black jeep with no number plate pulled up outside the 'Club Escape' nightclub in Khasi and unidentified assailants opened fire before the vehicle sped off.

The incident took place on Iakou Street and three people were injured and hospitalized.

The first image shows the three victims leaving the club when a Jeep drives up and shots are fired. According to reports, at least seven shots hit the victims at close range, as the attackers wanted to send a “message” to the nightclub owner.

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The victims, aged 33, 28 and 24, were on a bachelor party from Crete.

point of attack

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