Kenya: 300 injured in Nairobi gas fire

At least three hundred people were injured in a massive fire in Nairobi overnight from Thursday to Friday caused by a gas explosion, the Kenya Red Cross Society said today.

According to local media, an explosion at a natural gas plant caused large fireballs near apartment buildings in the Embakasi area.

A government spokesman said the gas cylinders were being filled when the fire broke out.

The building where the company is located has suffered severe damage, while the death toll is feared.

Eyewitnesses told local media that there was an immediate tremor after the explosion.

Deaths are feared

300 people were injured

Thanks to the “coordinated actions of various intervention units”, “271 people were able to be urgently evacuated and taken to various health centers in Nairobi”, according to Red Cross X (formerly Twitter) in the Kenyan capital.

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Another 27 people were given first aid at the spot, he added.

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