How EL.AS. Rubetis – Skaftouros were arrested for death contracts

A group of foreigners from countries of the former Soviet Union, among others, who are actively involved in cigarette smuggling, are behind the latest executions. Death contracts And especially Yannis Skaftouros in Dervenochoria in May 2022 and Vassilis Rubetis in Koridalos in June 2023. In Neo Cosmos, their involvement in the execution of 44-year-old Vangelis Zambounis is considered highly probable.

Yesterday afternoon, security police officers continued to arrest two suspects who are said to be natural criminals in the two murders, while those involved in specific cases have been identified. Two of them are said to have fled abroad and warrants have been issued against themAnother suspect is incarcerated in the country's penitentiary.

Apart from the two murders, evidence has emerged of their involvement in an attempted murder in Piria. It happened on July 3, 2023, when gunmen shot a 47-year-old man in his car, wounding him in the shoulder blade.

According to police sources One of those arrested was allegedly identified based on the print of the machine used by the killers of Yanis Skaftouros during their escape., in the village of Skorta, Tervenogoria. The motorcycle presented a technical problem, forcing the criminals to abandon it in search of an alternative escape route a few kilometers from the scene of the murder.

It was taken to the crime lab a few weeks after the murder A fingerprint of the named congener was detected From a country of the former Soviet Union. Police sources say the explosion occurred in April 2023 at his home on Nato Avenue in Aspropyrgos.

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A second person arrested was also physically present in at least two of the solved murders.

However, some unconfirmed reports suggest that his involvement stemmed from the taint of a mobile phone, with the police managing to link the “operational” mobile (used during the operation) to his personal mobile.

Damaged Pipes and Death Contracts

An attack by armed men on a gas station in Asprobirgos, managed by close relatives of the assassinated Yanis Skaftouros, is said to be linked to the group's activities.

In the early hours of June 10, four men armed with Kalashnikovs waved off a gas station guard and then set fire to two tankers parked at the station.

According to a report published by “K” in the previous twenty-four hours (“Two scenes examining EL.AS. for the murder of Zabunis” and “Vor V Zakone under the microscope”) the latest executions were their beginning. It indicates that its members, known as the Greek Mafia, are trying to break into the cigarette smuggling sector. The effort brought them face-to-face with members of the Russian-speaking mafia, who had control over the specific operation.

Zamboonis murder: War v Jacon under the microscope and his recent release from prison

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