Antonia Kaouri: Greek girl who opens Coldplay’s concerts in OAKA

Antonia Khouri and English songwriter Maisie Peters, joining the band on tour in other European countries, took over the opening act at Coldplay’s concert in OAKA tonight starting at 21:00.

Antonia Gouri spoke to Natalia Germanu and her company about this great moment of her career, just hours before she appeared at the Coldplay concert in Athens. Already, hundreds of people have gathered in OAKA since morning to secure their seats for the long-awaited Coldplay concert.

“I’m not sure I’ll be opening a Coldplay concert anytime soon,” Antonia Khoury said at the beginning. Tonight his performance will last 30 minutes and he will perform three pieces of his own.

He also talked about his break from representing Greece at Eurovision. “We had a piece on our hands that didn’t suit us and we wanted to turn it productively and time didn’t allow. So we decided not to let it go and go down a path we didn’t like.

Asked if there was a chance of a Eurovision arena tryout in the coming years, he replied: “I would do the same as Marina. I absolutely respect Marina and what she’s done.

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