Andreas Lovertos on ERTNEWS: “Forward” will be my goal – I will be an MEP candidate

In establishing a new party for the European elections, Mr Andreas Lovertos. Lovertos made the announcement on “To the Center.” George Couvaras In ERTNEWS, the establishment of the new party, which will move in the political gap between ND and PASOK. Among other things, he talked about equipment, universities and industries.

“I will create a new party for the European elections, I will be a candidate for MEP,” declared A. Loverdos, saying that the party would be positioned in the center between ND and PASOK.

However, he did not reveal the name of the party, while he said: “Ambrose is my slogan behind many movements in Europe.” Asked about the scenes he wanted to join ND, he replied: “There was never such a thing.”

He explained that he took the decision to form the party because he believed there was one void. As he himself said: “The reason I run a party is because I believe there is a gap, which I believe needs to be filled. There is a prime minister who, as he does his part, gets 42% and the leaders of the opposition get seven, six and less. So, material wise, There is space. There is a prime minister and some non-prime ministers. My aim is to cover that.”

He added: “Among the second black protestors, we need an opposition party that says “yes” to the evaluation… Mr. Mitsotakis, as you said since '19, but in Tempe we had 146 dead. Because you evaluated the station master of '19, your motto. did not, you did not implement it. What you bring to Parliament are half-measures to hide the title of the law and not the substance. I tell you this, but that does not mean I will not tell you good things. It does not mean I will be concerned about being identified with you. I have no concern because my opinion is bold. No. This is my reasoning.”

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Mr. Lovertos also said that he was apparently starting a party with the intention of “playing”. Government. “It is possible to form a party if there is no hope of becoming the government and becoming the leader,” he explained.

At the same time, when it came time to announce the party, he came a long way, saying that “all the boxes are ticked” and that no dialogue with New Democracy was open.

Mr. Lavardos said that there may be many political differences with other parties, but there is no personal difference with anyone. “Besides, I left PASOK and the way I did it, I didn't leave the personnel information. I didn't release the resignation letter I sent to the president of PASOK. He didn't either. I asked him not to do that. I wanted the matter to be a blush,” he explained.

“I am in favor of private universities”

About Non-Government Universities, Mr. Lovertos said, “Those who don't like non-governmental, non-profit universities and those who occupy public universities or destroy their property or stop their activities, do good to non-governmental, non-profit universities. And to what extent they should fight to protect it. That is, occupying a university and its operation and Disrupting choices is as strong an argument as possible in favor of government nonprofits.”

He added that talking about squatting is not a right. “You have no right to occupy a public building, public service, etc. and stop the functioning. You have the right to protest, express your opinion in any other way. “Destruction is not politics,” he said.

He emphasized that the Mitsotakis government has completely failed in the university sector. He told us that “order in universities is ensured through the university police. This move has failed and the government must face its responsibilities. To achieve this, neither the government nor the opposition needs to be on the other side,” some university colleagues write. .I believe society at its core wants a political system that supports the normal functioning of universities, but nothing is done.

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He defended non-governmental universities, saying, among other things, “They should be really non-profit, non-governmental, and some public universities on the border should be protected. In other words, I don't think anyone wants to harm the University of Thrace, the University of Democritus, which has a great role at the national level. “

“A patriot and reasonable person will not let extremists reap the demands of the society” and “a person with common sense will win in politics,” said Mr. Loverdos insisted.

“F-35 deal beneficial”

“It's a beneficial deal,” Mr. Said about Lovertos F-35. “Certainly we have to look at the details of Greece's involvement in this whole situation. We were strengthened more than what Turkey got with the F-16s. The superweapon that we had in the air and the Rafale fighter jets in recent years has been strengthened. In other words, Turkey has completely lost from this whole history of the past years. ,” he added.

As for how he sees them Greek-Turkish relations Mr. Lovertos explained: “I don't believe in this opportunity. President Erdogan's visit to Athens, which was good by all accounts, does not mean that he is retreating from the main issues. His interview with “Kathimerini” and what he says every day, he has proved that he is not even halfway back. He is taking advantage of Greece, For his outward good witness towards the West – because he overdoes it, he cuts himself off from the rest of the world – it's good for us. It's good as long as this period lasts, but I think it's up to him to change it.

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“We should not expect to reach the Hague on a single issue through this debate as he has his radical agenda with blue homelands, militarization, questioning of sovereignty,” he stressed.

30%, 27%, 25% missing, which means second PM

He insisted that he did not feel close to ND and said that they were indicative of the way SYRIZA and PASOK were going.

“Sharing something right that the government is doing wins in the logic department. Whoever from the opposition says “yes” to good government action, logically wins, the citizen wins. This weapon, if the opposition loses, goes nowhere in this day and age, the citizen who has seen everything after the memos, his “He focuses on mind, logic and everyday life. If you tell him that Greece is ruled by blacks, he ignores you,” he said.

Mr. Loverdos also explained: “30%, 27%, 25%, 20% are missing, which means the second prime minister”.

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