13 injured in train collision in Belgrade

13 people were injured last Friday, four critically A freight train collided with a passenger train According to the first signs, a red signal was violated in a tunnel BelgradeIt has been said Transport Minister Goran Vesic.

“Thirteen people required medical treatment, including the driver, conductor and two passengers – all four were taken to an emergency treatment centre,” Mr Vesic said.

“Nine passengers were able to return to their homes” and they were not seriously injured, the minister said, speaking earlier in the day.

“We were lucky. We didn’t have any casualties, that’s the most important thing,” said Mr. Vesic said, 4 kilometers from the center of Belgrade, near the Pančevo bridge.

“Twenty-five firefighters with seven vehicles responded to the scene because emergency teams could not reach the scene of the collision,” the minister told state broadcaster RTS.

According to Minister Vesic, the passenger train crashed into a standing freight train “in the middle of the tunnel”.

Source: RES-MPE

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