Viral house ad on Voula – “Pets and barbecue wanted as signobemty”

A foreigner housing rental advertisement has come to light, resulting in a lot of positive feedback from prospective tenants and non-tenants alike.

Where we are all used to: “We prefer couples without children”, “Pets are prohibited”, “Gatherings are prohibited”, the time has finally come for someone to want and walk openly.

The ad was posted on the Facebook page “The Forum of 3B”, and the owner of the property in Voula clarifies that “new parents with new babies or teenagers”, “new couples who want to invite” are “preferred” by their friends to shoot, party and generally 'live it up'. Up'”, “those who like to barbecue and gather and grill in the yard like signopempty”.

“You are amazing! Hail, lucky is he who rents it!'

Additionally, he emphasizes: “Any pet is allowed, not to say required.”

As expected, many called the ad “the best ever,” with many quick to say it was a big “favorite” to the owner.

“Lord, you want to rent it, I don't need it!! You are amazing! Hail, lucky is he who rents it!' Someone characteristically commented.

Read the full ad:

Dear Friends, After a few years I posted that I was renting out my apartment in Voula – although I doubt it would have gotten a response – the wonderful family who lived here until recently, unfortunately had to move. Therefore, we have and we say:

– Apartment for rent in Voula area near Pl. 300 meters from Eleftherias and Stergiou in a quiet street.

– It is 80 sqm + 20 sqm terrace with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom with very spacious kitchen and south facing.

– This is a 1st floor apartment in a single family house with all aluminum and steel frames for high security.

– Equipped with natural gas radiator for heating and air conditioning

– The house has a garage with parking for one car and machinery.

– Price 11€/sqm negotiable

– We are in two apartments so the common areas are limited.

As I said in the first post, I'm not posting pictures because pictures are deceiving, and the family will be here for the next 2 weeks after this post is published.

Any pet is allowed, not to say required.

PS: I would like to emphasize that I am not looking for a housekeeper in a generic and vague way as I have developed a great relationship with the family staying here. I want the house to live to the fullest and be happy with whoever is there. Therefore, preference will be given to interested parties:

  • They are new parents with new babies or teenagers

  • Young couples who want to call their friends to bake, party and generally “live”.

  • Pet owners feel rejected or frustrated by their neighbor's relationship because of pets in their previous residence.

  • Aspiring engineers who have 3-4 engines and don't have room to tinker with them

  • People who love – love to garden and love to explore greenery

  • Those who love to BBQ and get together will have a backyard roast like on Chicken Thursday

Anyway you get what I mean. You are free to visit the house and get to know each other. I reiterate that the price is negotiable. Message me what it is, I'd love to meet you. Brokers and others are not even for jokes.

These are some, thank you…

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