Timberwolves – Mavericks 103-124: Unstoppable Doncic and Irving take them to the Finals! (video)

The Dallas Mavericks swept Game 5 (124-103) against the Timberwolves… to clinch a spot in the NBA Finals.

In the fifth game of the series, the Minnesota Timberwolves They welcomed them Dallas Mavericks And Texas won by scoring a double with the score 124-103 To qualify for the league finals.

The Luka Doncic He had another good night, finishing with 36 points and 10 rebounds while hitting 36. Kyrie Irving. PJ Washington scored 12 runs and Daniel Gafford scored 11 runs.

On the home team’s side, there were only double-digit points Carl Anthony Downs And Anthony Edwards Counted from 28, the first also grabbed 12 rebounds.

This will be the first time Dallas Mavericks They will meet in the final after his season 2010-2011, when they won the championship. Now they will face them Boston Celtics.

Twelve minutes: 19-35, 40-69, 73-97, 103-124

Timberwolves – Mavericks 1-4

  • Game 1: Timberwolves – Mavericks 105-108
  • Game 2: Timberwolves – Mavericks 108-109
  • Game 3: Mavericks – Timberwolves 116-107
  • Game 4: Mavericks – Timberwolves 100-105
  • Game 5: Timberwolves – Mavericks 103-124
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