Survivor Spoiler 1/29: The team that wins Monday's second immunity

Viewers of the Survivor: Survival reality show watched the incredible finale on Wednesday night.

At the beginning of Wednesday's episode, Mr Alexis Pappas, Where was it? ucandidate to do Departure, he thought That he was not behind in both competition and status Living together And as he said, he thinks they voted for him because they are Biased with him.

Talking into his camera SurvivorThe Alexis Pappas Said: “In any future nomination Maria and Nikos, as long as I'm here, I think they'll vote for me like they did in the first week for some reason.”

Later, Mr player Added: “I don't know if they see the models that I'm behind in terms of race or cottage, or if they have a prejudice with the name Alexis Pappas, but I think it has to be done at some point. Change, they see what Survivor is with a different eye” .

“All I have left is bones”

Hunger in Survivor Already hit “red” and on Two groups when Savvas Genzoglou He said there was “Only the bones remain.”

“Since I was 20 years old, my trainers have been trying to get me to lose weight, and only bones are in Survivor, the best. It's very difficult, apart from the food, we had a really bad evening. We didn't sleep at all yesterday. We have to win this prize because it's a huge energy injection. Let's beat ourselves up because we can't go on like thissaid Savvas Genzoglou.

Win for the Blues with an unimaginable twist

Both teams were then challenged to compete for food prizes.

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The Warriors completed an incredible turnaround from 9-5 to 9-12 to win the food prize.

Departure – surprise

At the end of the night, three fighters from Team Fighters and one from Team Celebrity were asked to fight. Survivor.

Because of him Rob James Seymour, Sodris Lamai and Stamatis Taladianos and Alexis Papa from the blue team From the red team.

Alexis Pappas, who has the best stats so far on Survivor, is the ultimate target of this fight.

The actor and model was the first to pass this soul-crushing, yet demanding, test because he was the first to achieve the necessary hits, leaving the other three to make ends meet.

Poppa was followed by Rob Stamatis.

Then Sothiris Lamai and Stamatis Dalathianos gave it their all, but in the end one managed to stay in the game.

When the score was 3-3 and deciding to stay in the 4th, suddenly Sothiris Lamai went slow and gave up the match, leaving the game, “giving up”. Victory and stay at Stamatis Taladianos.

Of course, by the end of the race, the emotional toll was intense…

«I have learned in my life that if God tells you to stop, you have to stop. Deep inside I realized that Cal wasn't helping me to continue further in Survivor. I was given the opportunity to live a lifelong dream, which may be funny to some, but to me it's what brought me this far. If I had stayed two weeks I would have lived six months. Emotions are very strong“said an emotional Sothiris Lamai minutes before leaving the game.

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