Sarri asked for a short extension, and he will give a definitive answer on Wednesday


Mauricio Sari

The streak with Maurizio Sarri’s response to Panathinaikos’ proposal will continue for at least another 24 hours, as the Italian coach has requested a short-term extension until he announces his final decision.

There will be one more chapter in the series about Maurizio Sarri’s response to Panathinaikos’ proposal for a three-year partnership with an annual income of €4.5 million.

The experienced Italian technician contacted the Panathinaikos side and begged the Greens people to give him a short extension of a few more hours until he gave his final answer.

Sari even held a meeting with his partners, and they evaluated Panthinaikos’s plan, which fully covered him from a financial point of view. There are still doubts about the dynamics of the Greek league, but Sarri’s thorough examination of the plan that Greens analyzed for him proves that he is thinking very seriously about continuing his career in Greece.


Panathinaikos has shown Sarri in practice how much he likes him, and indeed Yannis Alafusos has made it clear to him that he will hand over the entire management of the team to him. Now, the ball is in the court of the former Lazio coach, who will unexpectedly give his final answer on Wednesday (5/6).

At the same time, Panathinaikos is still working on replacement cases, the team starts training in mid-June, so the margins are very tight and there is not much time to delay.

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