Nena Kronopoulou “bent” for her son: “He was born at 25 weeks, it was considered a miscarriage

The Nena Chronopoulou Conducted in Super Katerina Among other things, Katerina spoke to Cainorgio about the birth of her son, who is now 20 years old.

“I am not a heroine. Heroism is happening to dozens of people and thousands of parents in Greece. There are parents who see their children with cancer and disappear the next day. Heroism is fighting alone in an unfortunate system. This is. It has nothing to do with seeing my child and knowing what he has or trying to be by his side every day so he acts more. There's a lot of pain because nothing is working the right way,” said Nena Kronopoulou.

“My son was born at 25 weeks, which is 5.5 months. It would be considered a miscarriage. He had four bottles of milk. When Christos was born, I was in the hospital for five months, so I never thought about going out or missing my friends. Every day I knew I was there, He is still growing. I passed out when he was born. My best man who was a gynecologist told me he was missing me when he was born. And he was alive I don't believe,” Nena Kronopoulou admitted with emotion, revealing that she was baptized in the air.

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