Mareva Grabovski – Mitsotakis: She filed an extrajudicial case in Akrita

Outside the court Mareva Grabovski-Missotakis was responding to posts published by SYRIZA member of parliament Elena Akrita, where she mentioned the financial situation of the prime minister's wife.

According to the information, Ms. Grafofci points to the personal and political nature of the posts in question, which she “Offensive and immoral” Mentions how “They influence her as a person, as a professional but above all as a woman”.

In her post, Ms. Akrita It says it will not apologise.

“Ms. Grabowski-Mitsotakis sent me a letter and she's calling me to apologize to her. Sorry but that's not going to happen. See you in court. With her husband as a witness. Stay tuned”.

A history of controversy

It all started with a post written by Elena Akrita, in which she wrote: “It's Tyler's fault Mareva wasn't born. Tyler doesn't have a Voltaire house. He doesn't have 40 properties where we don't know where he keeps the hat. He doesn't do odd business with big corporations. He doesn't do it for free, like the outfits of taxi drivers in the Aegean and Lyriki—the extremes. He doesn't play politics with deals under the table.

He does not abuse his partner's corporate position. He doesn't bother with SMS and phone calls to entrepreneurs and big publishers. He doesn't play with Pothen Esche, he doesn't do anything illegal, he doesn't do anything suspicious.
I know Tyler Macbeth very well. I have had many conversations with him and I can assure you that he is a serious, empathetic, politically minded and independent person.

He is not the tail of Stephanos, he is not a follower, he is not decorous. He would certainly not indulge in underground Byzantinisms like the woman in question. Tyler supports her man and supports him on the ground, while keeping the autonomy of her personality intact. That's why Tyler, you're lucky you weren't born Mareva.”

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Follow along Prior notice of suit and action against SYRIZA MPElena Akrita, Mareva Grabowski-Mitsodaki.

As announced in the past days, through the announcement of the press office of the Prime Minister, Mrs. Grabovski – Mitsotakis will immediately take the necessary legal steps in accordance with civil and criminal law in the future, “To restore her truth and personality.

We personally assume that the entire SYRIZA parliamentary group will agree to waive Ms. Akrita's immunity in order to ensure justice for her false and defamatory allegations.”

After the announcement, Ms. Akritha He came back with a post on social mediasaying:

“Mareva Mitsotaki said she was suing me for a purely political and personal position, that's why I didn't change”. I am not a coward, my ears do not sweat with threats, I do not hide from anyone.

Rarely. I can't wait to meet the Prime Minister's wife and when she finally reveals to us the origin of the 40 properties, the whole truth about the Voltaire house, how and where the nearly 500,000,000 ND owed to the Greek taxpayers is. Money wasted from our pockets.

See you soon, madam.”

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis posted a post that read, among other things, “Mareva will take legal action. I will be a witness in court for her. Anyone who wants to argue with me politically is free. But let them finally get my family out of the political fray.

His record in detail

“I am writing this post as a husband, not as a Prime Minister. From the day I was elected President of New Democracy, Mareva was brutally targeted for one reason only. Because she is my wife so some people thought that they will harm me. A deeply good and decent man, with a completely independent professional path, was trampled and made headlines. Our family unity was tested. Many times we wondered with our children if it was worth paying this family price to interact with the public.

But we persevered and at least we thought we were past this stage of political toxicity. Until Mareva made headlines again with a completely false and non-existent article. Following an awkward and uninspired post by a SYRIZA member of parliament. It takes a great writing skill to fit so many lies and so many negatives into one post.

Mareva will take legal action. I will be a witness in court for her. Anyone who wants to argue with me politically is free. But let them finally get my family out of the political fray.

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