“Leftist” Starmer Sends Arms to Ukraine With Good Day

The first examples of his supportive policy were immediately shown by the new Labor government in war-torn Ukraine.

The new package of British military aid to Ukraine was announced on Sunday, July 7, by new Defense Secretary John Healey, who visited the southern port of Odessa and met with Ukrainian representative Rastem Umerov.

Britain’s military support for Moscow remains unchanged after last week’s government change and ahead of this week’s NATO summit, as Labour’s move aims to reassure Ukraine.

“Britain stands united for Ukraine,” Labor minister Healy said, pledging to “reinforce Britain’s support by increasing key military aid” as part of efforts to resist Russian aggression “for as long as necessary”.

Britain will provide 250,000 rounds of high-capacity ammunition for the AS-90 guns, which have a theoretical range of up to 25 km, and 90 Brimstone surface-to-air missiles from its own stockpile.

The Defense Department said Healey immediately called for additional support to Ukraine that would be “immediately available.”

Umarov, on his Telegram channel, said he “highly appreciates” Healy’s visit, his second day at the ministry and his first trip abroad.

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