Greece 9-18: Comfortable win for national polo and waiting

The national polo team comfortably defeated Georgia 18-9 in the final of the group stage of the European Championship and Italy's victory over Hungary awaits.

After the loss to Italy, the national polo did its duty against a weak Georgia and now to qualify for the quarter-finals, Hungary would prefer to lose to Italy or win on penalties. .

The blue and white had no trouble against the Georgians, quickly escaping with three goals (2-5) and increasing the difference to six goals (5-11) in the second eight minutes.

Georgia came close with 4 goals (8-12), Thodoris Vlachos' men recovered +6 at the end of the period with two goals from Kalogeropoulos.

Eight minutes into the fourth, the gap opened up even more, with National Polo not letting off the gas as the goals were useful in the event of a three-way tie.

Eight minutes: 2-5, 3-6, 3-3, 1-4.

Agriculture (Dejan Stanojević): Rasmaste, Akvlediani, Tatvani, Susiasvili 1, Pitadze, Yeletsa 6, Dikeselasvili, Djichiarenka 1, Imnaishvili, Makrakvelitse, Vasic, Pysivac 1, Kabanadze.
Hellas (Thodoris Vlachos): Zerdevas, Genidounias 3, Skoubakis 1, Kalogeropoulos 2, Fundoulis 2, Papanastasiou 1, Dervisis 1, Argyropoulos 3, Gillas 1, Kakaris 3, Nikolaidis 1, Tjortozoutos.

2nd group score:
Italy 6 (37-13)
Greece 6 (26-42)
Hungary 3 (23-21)
Georgia 0 (16-37)

Equality criteria: Points / Head-to-Head Points / Head-to-Head Goal Difference / Head-to-Head Attack / Group Goal Difference

The top two teams in the group will advance directly to the quarter-finals and the bottom two teams will advance to the play-offs

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