Galina: Lovers of good food and art meet at Philippos Sacridis Restaurant

Gallina Restaurant, hidden in Kookakki, is a culinary destination where art, design and gastronomy come together to overcome conventions.

The project, signed by LOT Architectural Office and Objects of Public Interest Studio, expresses a warm atmosphere translated into concrete forms, materials and textures, reflecting the artistic vision, travel experiences and culinary culture of its owner, Philippos Sokritis. Generously coordinated and shared with a special audience at Gallina.

From marble and wood to silk and wool, the 105m2 restaurant invites you to a dining experience.

Amazing architecture and lots of art at Gallina Restaurant

With seating for just 38 people, art collector and owner of Gallina Athens, Philippos Sokritis, welcomes guests to a main high-ceilinged dining room located on the ground floor, offering a variety of seating experiences.

Space is always a big bet especially when it comes to creating an environment for food ritual. “A challenge in the design was to set up the space in relation to the restaurant’s programmatic needs and their visibility“, he says Group of iefimerida LOT architectural office.

Gallina Athens is where art, design and food meet.

“The programs are placed using the depth of the space, so the kitchen is revealed through a window in the bar area in the dining area where the entrance to the restaurant is located.”

«The presence of wine on all levels of the restaurant was also an important element, with special constructions serving and displaying the wines, and visitors interacting directly with the wine. In terms of material, much attention was paid to the combination of selected different colored Greek marbles with wood and metal surfaces, creating a setting that offers works of art and design objects.“, they add themselves.

Marble tables and chairs with gel cushions

More specifically, the LOT Group integrates the classic dining room at the entrance with the bar and open kitchen with bespoke marble tables and chairs. At first glance, the dominant material in the space is a warm colored wood, which gives warmth and intimacy to the overall atmosphere. But when one takes a closer look at the interior of the restaurant, it becomes clear that different and more “violent” materials are also incorporated, such as stainless steel and marble.

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Meanwhile, chairs designed with objects of general interest feature an attractive combination of stainless steel and gel cushions, offering a soft and stunning texture and, above all, comfort. A soft and solid gel, a material favored by objects of general interest, is also found in the metamorphosed rock faeces at the Gallina Athens Bar area.

Custom lighting, mosaic floors and vibrant wallpaper

The centerpiece of the restaurant is a custom lighting column made from objects of general interest that extends to the ceiling. Its design and location draws patrons’ eyes from outside the restaurant and from all directions. A hand-woven wool and silk tapestry by artist Yiannis Varelas hugs the wall in front of a light column adorned with rich colors and intricate design details. Tube light is complemented by carefully curated space lighting from Map Design Studio – small pendant lights from On.entropy and wall sconces designed by Charlotte Perriand create an atmospheric and dramatic experience.

Neon art by Olga Migliaressi-Foca

The floor is covered with a mosaic of various pieces of Greek marble and ceramic tiles by the artist Vasilis Papageorgiou.

The main room can serve up to 38 people and also has a bar for private occasions. The stainless steel staircase in particular at the back creates a unique geometry at Kalina and takes visitors to a more secluded mezzanine where a wine tasting journey awaits them.

Wood surfaces meet steel stairs.
Wine takes center stage upstairs

Wooden walls with a vast wine collection are the focal point of the space. The wine experience also extends into the basement, which leads to a room that feels like entering a wooden tunnel through a 90-degree light tube – a gentle echo of the tube light column on the ground floor.

Greek marble mosaic floors and custom ceramic tile
The restaurant was completed by LOT and Studio Objects of Common Interest

All this explains why Gallina Restaurant, which opened its doors in October 2023, has grown into the ultimate destination for dinner.

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Project ID:

Architecture and interior design: Office lot for architecture

planning: Objects of general interest

Special programs for a specific location: Entropy, Vasilis Papageorgiou

Responsible study: Anastasia Maguda

Association: Leonidas Tramboukis, Eleni Petaloti, Anastasia Magouta, Zoe Eleftheriadis, Natalia Sotirhou, Ariadni Tzika, Savina Onisiforou

Manufacturer: Develco. Construction and Development

Lighting design: Graphic design studio

Acoustic consultant: Timagenis phonology

Owner: Philippos Socridis

Photographs: Ilo Studio

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