Deadly and dozens injured after building collapses in Mallorca

At the very least Four people lost their lives And 27 others were injured After Terrace slope A bar located on the first floor of a building Palma de Mallorca In Spain, officials estimate the tragic toll will rise during the investigations.

Dozens are trapped

The first floor collapsed the foundationAccording to local police sources, it trapped several customers in the area Palm.

The Medusa Beach Clublocated Cartago StreetIt is at the forefront The tourist area of ​​Playa de Palma.

Local resources custody Palma said the death toll would rise, according to EL Pais newspaper. They managed just before ten at night To rescue a young man with a broken arm The news was greeted with joy by several relatives who had traveled to the area to find the man trapped in the cave after collapsing.

It is yet to be confirmed whether the dead and injured are locals or tourists. A local official said: “We have imposed a state of emergency as the roof of the two-storey building collapsed. Cartago Avenue Inside Palm Beach, where people are trapped. “Firefighters and local police are on the scene».

A stunning eyewitness account

The Ral PurnamiOwner of one Fashion store Next to facilities, He said he spoke to El Pais who heard a very loud noise. “When I left the shop, the whole thing (including the building) fell down, it’s a shame, theoretically there should be an inspection every year. We were shocked, I couldn’t speak, they are my neighbours,” he said. It all happened so quickly, he explained, “with so much noise, people eating and people dancing upstairs.”

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