Chelsea – Manchester United 4-3: Unthinkable turnaround in stoppage time

It's been over six years since Chelsea beat Manchester United in the league. And he won the match 4-3 for the 31st matchday of the Premier League in an improbable game with two reversals and two goals for the “Blues” in stoppage time.

Cole Palmer was the top star with a hat trick.

Chelsea came into the match furiously and scored in the 4th minute with Gallagher's shot assisted by Gusteau. Both teams had some long shots in the following minutes that didn't put pressure on either goalkeeper and the “Blues” won a penalty in the 18th minute when marking Anthony Kougaurea. Palmer did well and made it 2-0 in the 19th minute. D'Sassi came close to making it 3-0 in the 25th minute and Chelsea looked to be in full control of the match when things turned upside down.

In the 34th minute, Karnasso received a “gift” from Kaisidos and made it 2-1 in a four-on-four with Petrovic. United made it 2-2 four minutes later when Dalot's cross and Bruno headed in at the far post. Chelsea came close to a third goal in the closing stages of the first half, but Gallagher's cross was blocked by the post.

United came out on top in the second half, with Bruno impressively clearing Oana Palmer's shot in the 55' and 58'. The absolute breakthrough came nine minutes later in a terrific counter-attack from the visitors. Rashford found Anthony with a diagonal, who sent an incredible cross out and Karnasso headed past Petrovic to make it 2-3. In the following minutes, the home team desperately searched for an equalizer but could not find a great chance.

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It wasn't until the seventh minute of stoppage time that they won a penalty after some sloppy marking by Dalot, Palmer making it 3-3 at 100' with another excellent penalty. Nothing was over two minutes later and from a corner, Palmer got a shot, the ball deflected and into Onana's net for an epic 4-3 finish.


Chelsea: Petrovic, Koukoreja, D'Sassi (75' Gilchrist), Badiasil, Gusteau, Caicedo (71' Chukwuemega), Fernandez, Gallagher (89' Maduke), Mudric (71' Sterling), Palmer, Jackson

Manchester United: Onana, Baran (46' Evans, 66' Kampala), Maguire, Dalot, Van Bissaka, Casemiro (75' McTominay), Fernandez, Mainu, Anthony, Karnasso (85' Mount), Hoyland (66' Rashford).

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