9 “Battle” with flames in Keratia with Beaufort winds – houses and cars on fire

A massive fire broke out in Kerata at midday today, engulfing the first homes in Plaxa, while cars in the area were also engulfed in flames. At the same time, messages are coming from “112” to evacuate the residences in the area.

Shocking images from the front of the fire – watch the video

Burnt cars

Cars parked in the area have also started burning due to the Keratea fire. The fire is moving towards Markati, while there is also a major revival in upper Plaka.

A car caught fire

What does the deputy mayor of Lavreotiki say?

Speaking to ERTNews, the deputy mayor of Lavreotiki, Athanasios Makrodimitris, said houses in the area were on fire and called for fire extinguishers.

As he mentioned, the situation is very difficult. Three houses have been burnt in Plaka settlement and the front is moving towards Markati.

A total of six areas were eliminated

Civil Defense has asked residents of Agios Konstantinos Lavriou, Agios Georgios Thorikou, Markati, Palaiokamariza, Plaka and Panorama in Keratea to leave their homes and go to Lavriou with continuous messages of “112”.

Earlier, at 12:35, a message was sent to the residents of Paleokamarisa, Markati, Plaka and Panorama residences in Keratia to evacuate via the old Athens-Laurion highway towards Lavrio due to the ongoing fire.

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SAWNEEE – Winds 9 ‘battle’ to keep flames at Beaufort National Park

At the moment, 78 firefighters, 26 fire engines and eight aircraft and four helicopters are spraying water from the air, along with two groups of infantry departments, while the forces continue to be reinforced.

Firefighters are battling to contain the massive fire from spreading through the Sounio National Forest, although strong winds of 6 Beaufort and gusts up to 9 Beaufort are making their work difficult. Smoke from various parts of Attica, such as Vargissa and Anavissos, was intense.

Burnt houses in Plaka settlement

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