Vassilis Spanoulis announced his resignation from Peristeri Bvin

Vassilis Spanoulis spoke at the press conference after Peristeri’s Bwin match with Aris, where he announced his retirement from the team.

Vasilis Spanoulis revealed at the press conference of Peristeri’s bivouac match with Auris that he announced his departure from the team.

The Greek coach said he had a conversation with management, however the decision was made not to continue in Peristeri Bvin.

Vassilis Spanoulis not only made a case for his future, but also his efforts towards the national team and the SEF Pre-Olympic Games.

As he said:

“Very well done, guys, congratulations to the management. For us, all these victories are like championships and banners. As you understand, they are like titles. I am very proud of last year as well, but especially in this one, after Olympiakos and Panathinaikos, we were the most consistent team.

We had a conversation with the management and my contract at Peristeri was done. We chatted because it is better not to write everything here and there. Unfortunately the management does not want to continue with this plan that we have and that is respected. I personally thanked Mr. Kotsis for my first training session. This is a factor that has been in Peristeri for many years. No one can tell how much money someone will make, or what they want to do with their life.

I will focus on the biggest responsibility we have in the national team. Don’t poison the national team by saying different opinions. We are Greeks. We must all understand that we are Greeks and we must be with the national team. We must do everything we can to move Greek basketball forward. Stop writing and telling mantras. Those who want to get a place in the national team will get a place in the national team.

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There will be no one who does not like it. The national team is an honor. The national team is an honor, I know that firsthand. I have served her and experienced great victories and defeats and I know the way. Unity is the only way basketball can rise. Love of country, self-denial, self-sacrifice, puts our ego and followers second. Let’s all put the national team first.

We play for our heritage, our flag, our country. We must all be together in success and failure. If we don’t win one year, we win next year. This is for sure. Because we are all together, we will give our souls together, because we are all together, so that the national team can win for the good of us all.

We all have to do something together, the only thing we shouldn’t do is manipulations, insecurities, who will come and who won’t. The national team is above all else. As we broke our legs to pass on our love to the next children, those who come must sacrifice themselves. Of course I am ready to take on pressure and responsibility, I am ready because I was born that way. If I fail, I take responsibility“.

For his future:I had proposals that year too. I don’t want to talk because I respect Peristeri team. A conversation took place and a second took place. You cannot dictate other people’s pockets. Mr. Kotsis has put a lot of money into the team. I feel blessed and happy to have started my career from here.”

As to whether he will stay if the administration meets his requirements: “I take it very seriously.”

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