Pacifists against the far right for humanitarian aid

Thousands of people died as fighting and shelling continued on the ground War in Gaza Conducted on several fronts, important Humanitarian aidHundreds of thousands of Palestinian civilians are trying to escape the war zone.

Days after inhumane images emerged of Israeli protesters trampling and destroying a Gaza-bound humanitarian aid convoy at the Tarqumiya checkpoint west of Hebron in the West Bank, Far-right activists Conflict with pacifistsAmong other key encounters, there is a threat to humanitarian aid.

In recent weeks, pictures and videos have been doing the rounds on social media and shows Trucks carrying humanitarian aid have been stopped and looted.

Far-right activists, including Jewish settlers living in the occupied West Bank, have uploaded dozens of videos of crowds, including small children, throwing food on the ground and trampling on aid boxes.

It is important to stop helping“, says one activist. “The only way to victory. The only way to get our hostages back,” many argue. As long as the Israeli hostages are held, the people of Gaza will get nothing, and aid to Gaza will prolong the war..

In one video, a group of protesters celebrate by dancing on top of a looted truck. In another, one of the trapped trucks bursts into flames.

Other videos, reported by the BBC, show Israelis stopping trucks in Jerusalem and demanding drivers. Show them documents proving they are not transporting aid to Gaza.

In the West Bank, at least two drivers who were not carrying goods to Gaza were dragged from their vehicles and beaten.

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Israelis intercept convoys carrying humanitarian aid

2024 Leo Correa/AP Photo

“I fear for my life”

Getting to the crossing is scary. I fear for my lifeAdel Amro, one of the drivers transporting goods from the West Bank to Gaza, told the BBC.

We are now taking side roads from the main roads as we are afraid of squatter encroachment,” he added.

Peace activists have started tracking the movements of their protesters on social media and have confirmed their presence at key traffic points.

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In Targumiya CheckpostIn one of the most dramatic recent attacks, members of the group “entered Israel in trucks from the southern West Bank.”stands together” They now conduct regular vigils.

“People are starving in Gaza, aid must reach Gaza,” said Mr Suf PatishiOne of the founding members of “Standing Together”.

“The Israeli community must say loud and clear that we are against these actions,” he said recently of attacks on motorcades. “It is not much we ask not to die of hunger“.

The group brings together Jews and Arabs from all over Israel.

The peace activists blamed the police under the control of the Minister of National Security Ithamar Ben-GirOne of the most hard-line members of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, he has done little to stop attacks on aid convoys.

In fact, they report, there is evidence that migrants are receiving help from the authorities, with groups organizing attacks on trucks delivering messages. They seek help from the police and the military.

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