Aris: An impressive choreo throughout the OPAP arena, which spans 100 years of union history


The main of AEK's friends in the match with Aris

AEK's fans wished Union a happy birthday as they completed their 100-year career with a spectacular dance at the OPAP Arena, the union's 100-year history.

AEK celebrated its 100-year anniversary on Saturday (13/4) with a grand celebration inside and outside the OPAP Arena in New Philadelphia.

On Sunday and in the match against Aries, Union's friends wanted to wish their favorite team a happy birthday in their own way.

They prepared an interesting dance across the court which was broken into pieces. One magazine contained three photographs and a banner from Constantinople: Unforgettable homeland then, today”.

The main of AEK's friends in the match with Aris

At the stadium's central gates on the upper level were historic beauties from AEK's 100-year history, namely:

Konstantinos Spanoutis, Kostas Negrepontis, Nikos Koumas, Lucas Barlos, Dimitris Melisanidis and every photo of them had the AEK logo.

A wide shot of the OPAP arena
print screen

A banner written in another journal: “Today, the beginning of your 100 years of AEKara”

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